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それらをブレンドさせ一つの物語を提供することがTAKUYA SUZUKI VISUAL WORKSの哲学です。

Selected Screenings/Installations

2019 Projection - Artist Hiroko Saigusa's Solo Exhibition - ARTIFACT Gallery, New York
2018 Japanese Calligrapher Shingo Nozao Performance “Moeizuru” Saitama Hall, Urawa, Saitama
2015 DeNA presents exhibition "REFLECTION" as part of Digital Pictures works - Design Festa Gallery Harajuku, Tokyo
         Projection - Shingo Nozao Live Performance "The Time" for shop opening - A Story Tokyo (Shibuya), Tokyo
2013 Living Data program at the Ultimo TAFE Muse for the 2013 Ultimo Science Festival - Sydney, Australia
         Projection - Shingo Nozao's Exhibition "Ichi" opening night - Taihodo Gallery - Ehime, Japan
2012 Animation Installation Exhibition: "Time Sense" - Founder's Gallery, the University of Melbourne, the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA)
         An Animation Installation at Founders Gallery VCA as part of PhD Completion Seminar documented on DVD - Federation Hall, VCA
2011 Experimental Animation - Animating Time-Space symposium - Ragran, NewZealand
         Experimental Animation - Uncover Innovation Symposium, VCA - Melbourne
         World I want to wake up to - Federation Square - Melbourne, Australia
2010 PhD Conversion Seminar - Cinema 2, VCA - Melbourne, Australia
2009 Shizuku 2009 version - Warburton Film Festival - Australia
         Collaboration with Natalie Grant as part of Melbourne International Animation Festival - VCA, Melbourne, Australia
2008 Graduate Screening - ACMI - Melbourne, Australia
         Chris Doyle's Ecstatic City as a Miniplex Artist - In front of National Gallary of Victoria
         Shizuku Experimentation Unofficial Screening - Tokyo University of Fine Art, Tokyo
2007 Graduate Screening - ACMI - Melbourne, Australia
2006 Graduate Screening - Victoria State Library - Melbourne, Australia
         RMIT World Week 13 opening animation - Melbourne Art Center
2005 TRANS International Student Festival - Melbourne, Australia