Animation Method/アニメーションの方法
Time in Animation/アニメーションの時間
Cultural Differences and Similarities in Animation/アニメーションの比較文化論
Automation in Animation/アニメーションの自動化


PhD Dissertation 2012 - Time Sense: cultural difference and the creation, construction and reception of animated film
This dissertation explores cultural differences and the influence in creation, construction and sensibility to animated film. Integrating time philosophy and history, this thesis weaves information gathered through the research into the author's artwork. As a Japanese man living in Australia, the author investigate cross-cultural/intercultural time theory, in search of more specific understanding of differences and similarities between cultures particularly as it relates to animation. More Details

Conference 2012

Sep   PhD Completion Seminar (Melbourne)
         ‘Time Sense: Cultural Difference and the Creation, Construction and Reception of Animated Film’

Takuya has introduced the contemporary Japanese animation movement of Hatsune Miku and anime series Madoka Magica from the perspective of his theoretical concept Time Sense.

Conference 2011

May   Uncover Innovation Symposium (Melbourne)
         ‘My Animation Method’
         アンカバーイノベーション シンポジウム(メルボルン)

Oct    Animating Time-Space Symposium (New Zealand)
         ‘Cultural Differences and Similarities in Time Sense: Hybrid culture and the quality of movement’
         アニメーティング タイム&スペース シンポジウム(ニュージーランド)